Find troubleshooting guides, owner's manual, warranty terms, return & refund policies, repair & service center, and FAQ on this page. Get a quick technical support by sending us an email.

What Do You Need?

Owner's Manual

Click the button below to download the owner's manual. We offer English document on operation and maintenance.

Repair & Service Center

Find information about the repair and service center of WalkingPad. Also, join our warranty program to extend your warranty.


Find frequently asked questions and knowledge base about WalkingPad.

Return & Refund

Read our return and refund policy so that you could have a better understanding of the warranty, shipping policy, the way to return goods/get a refund, etc.

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Other Things You May Wanna Know


When it's time to check out, you could pay directly on this platform via PayPal or your credit card. The delivery fee has included. We will cover the custom clearance and tariffs. No extra fee would be charged.

After you've made a payment, a receipt will be automatically sent to your email address. Save this receipt incase you need to contact our customer service.


We offer a 1-year warranty for all individuals and business clients. From the day you receive our products, you can rest assured that if any problem comes up, we are here to help. You can email us and we will conduct a remote diagnosis by our experienced technicians. Or you could send the product to the nearest local service store that we cooperate with. All charges include delivery and repair are on us.

For those who want to extend the warranty, just simply sign up on our website, then you'll get one-more-year warranty. Isn't it amazing? Click here to sign up now!