WalkingPad A1 foldable under desk walking treadmill

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Walk While Working

Sitting is killing you softly. Take a walk while doing some easy work like reading documents or answering calls. No more lack-of-exercise guilt.

WalkingPad could be compelling to a company’s employee fitness challenge competitors. WalkingPad walking treadmill can pair with almost all standing desk(width over 21.5”)in the market. Walking while working is a more effective way to improve the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. The quiet, sturdy and smooth walking motion machine allows walking in the office without bothering anyone around. 


Out of Sight

The foldable WalkingPad requires storage space in half(less than 0.5㎡). This portable walking treadmill can be conveniently moved with two wheels. It's recommended to be stored under the bed or sofa to save more space.


Make every step count in your life

Regular data tracking is the key to make a walking program plan successful. The WalkingPad tracks the progress by displaying steps, distance, calories, walking speed and time. Improvements in Bluetooth technology allow walkers to experience better on our WalkingPad APP.

With the remote control, walkers can easily adjust the speed by pressing "+" to faster or "-" to slower. Even though this treadmill is not designed for running, the max speed will also give you more of a brisk walk. 


Design & Manufacturing

The unique design revolutionizes the traditional steel frame structure to create a fresh and brand new look for WalkingPad. It makes WalkingPad suitable for almost all kinds of home decor styles.

The frame structure is composed of aluminum alloy to maximize its integrity, capacity and endurance, which also makes WalkingPad lightweight.



Product Name:WalkingPad A1 Treadmill
Working Dimensions:1432 * 547 * 129mm / 56.5” * 21.5” * 5”
Folded Dimensions:822 * 547 * 129mm / 32.5” * 21.5” * 5”
Walking Surface:1200 * 415mm / 47” * 16.5”
Gross Weight:31kg / 68 lbs
Net Weight:28kg / 62 lbs
Maximum Capacity:100kg / 220 lbs
Minimum Speed:0.5km/hr / 0.5mi/hr
Maximum Speed:6.0km/hr / 3.75mi/hr
Rated Power:746W
Rated Voltage:110V
Mode:Standby, Manual, Automatic


Package Included:

WalkingPad * 1
Power Cord * 1
Remote Control * 1
Remote Control Lanyard * 1
Allan Wrench * 1
Silicon Lubricant * 1